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MicroMBA in Education Managment

Program Overview

If you've thought about targeting toward an MBA but haven't quite made up your mind, the opportunity for you to find out is available. "Everything you wanted to know" about management is included in this MicroMBA crash course which introduces all the fundamentals of the major skills and knowledge required to master management. The MicroMBA can help you to satisfy your curiosity, learn something new and perhaps ultimately help you to decide whether you wish to pursue a regular MBA degree or other management credit.

Practicing managers can become more effective when they are provided with a foundation in current business theories and practices.

Objectives of the MicroMBA program

  • The program will teach how to understand the process of change in management
  • The MicroMBA strives to teach how to be a good manager
  • The student will ultimately learn how to align business functions with long-term strategic objectives
  • MicroMBA strives to give understanding of the principles of marketing as they apply to today's dynamic environment
  • Students in the MicroMBA program will learn the process of strategic innovation

Special Features of the MicroMBA Program

  • Specialists will provide a strong foundation to ensure that students in the program will find an interactive and participative learning environment. The skills of business administration will be developed on the whole, as leadership skills at a personal level will.
  • These same specialists will ensure that all participants receive a detailed and comprehensive set of course notes as well as relevant articles and books; all these will ensure that students participating in the MicroMBA have a substantial library to refer to following the course.

Course Summary

The curriculum reflects the latest law requirements and organizational challenges of education management. It also gives the opportunity to get practical skills of managing the work of an establishment during the practical workshops and studies, conducted by experienced directors of educational branch.

Study program includes the following topics:

- The basics of organization and management,
- The basics of labor law,
- HR management,
- Educational law,
- Management and administration of an establishment,
- Planning and organization of work of an establishment,
- Pedagogical supervision,
- Concepts of establishment work,
- Finance in education,
- Marketing in education,
- Information technology in a director’s work,
- Special educational needs in the work of an establishment,
- Interpersonal communication in an establishment,
 -Management of educational tasks implementation
- Mediation and negotiation,
- Diploma Seminar,
- Practical studies.

What this program will do for you?

Completing the course gives a person the qualification essential in the branch of education management and the right to occupy managers’ positions in all the types of schools and educational institutions, as also in the establishment conducting and supervising educational activities

It also helps the managers of educational branch to get the knowledge and skills necessary for organizing and managing work of an educational institution.

What this program will do for your organization?

The ultimate beneficiaries from this seminar are educational establishments. It will provide them; more confident, result oriented and well business and market oriented decision makers/managers. These executives/managers will become more goals oriented. They will help the institutions to improve their competitiveness and performance results.

Who should attend?

Studies are aimed at people with a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree of any directions and specialties who are interested in the problems of education management in local government units; at directors of schools and educational institutions, who are preparing themselves for a manager’s roles in education, particularly in establishing and running a private educational institutions.