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MicroMBA in Banking Management

Course Summary

The professionals (top executives managers directors) in the Banking sector need to have a wide range of skills and knowledge to equip them to meet the constantly changing challenges facing the modern financial sector. This MicroMBA is especially valuable for executives holding professional leadership and management experience and qualification (including a qualification in accounting, finance, or related professions) who are employed in a banking or other financial institutions. MicroMBA in Banking Management equips Executives/Managers to manage banking operations and advise on banking, and develop a number of bank functions.

Module 1:

Challenges and Prospects in the Banking Sector (2 sessions: 2 hours each)

The banking industry has become a highly competitive global industry. The administrators/managers in the financial sectors must be prepared for the present and future challenges in the financial sectors. Since, this industry is going through a rapid change; the managers must be more focused on the international developments. The main topics of discussion in this module are:

financial market trends, financial products and services development, HR development challenges, understanding of both personal and corporate customers.

Module 2:

Mastering Strategies in the Financial Sector (2 sessions: 2 hours each)

The administrators/mangers in the financial sectors will learn to set competitive goals and make appropriate strategies to achieve successful business objectives. They will study competitive business strategies to succeed in the business world. The main topics in this module are:

developing competitive strategies, building competitive advantages, conducting industry analysis, managing boundaries of the firm, strategy execution, competing in the global markets, strategic planning and decision making and managing the multibusiness corporations.

Module 3:

Mastering Leadership Management (1 session: 2 hours)

To become a successful leader, one must have the competitive and advanced leadership management know how. This module intends to provide managers the advanced leadership skills. The leaders must be dynamic, with a good relationship with superiors and subordinates to achieve best results from multi business scenarios.

The managers will learn skills and strategies to build; technical competence, effective relationships with superiors, effective relationships with peers and to set and achieve business goals.

Module 4:

Mastering Banking Marketing Management (2 sessions: 2 hours each)

The main objective of this module is that mangers understand their banking services customers. By understanding their customers better than their competitors, would provide managers a competitive edge. They will not only be able to make better decisions but also to win the customers and their markets. Ultimately, the companies will gain greater business competitiveness. The main topics covered in this module are:

managing the markets, the right products and services development, market segmenting management, market position management, to apply the best marketing strategies to win the markets in the international banking arena.

Module 5:

Mastering International Banking Management (2 sessions: 2 hours each)

The impact of global changes plays a vital role in the decision making process of many corporations. The leaders of the firms must be equipped with the international environmental factors affecting their corporations to make appropriate decisions. The managers will study:

banking environment al forces, international banking operations, foreign market investments, foreign market management and international human resource management.

Module 6:

Mastering Risk Management (2 sessions: 2 hours each)

Whether an enterprise is large or small, there is always risk at play. The trick is balancing risk and reward. Learn how to eliminate the unpalatable alternative to enterprise risk management: crisis management. Through case studies, discussions and lectures learn essential management knowledge to help you better maintain that balance.

What this program will do for you?

The banking and financial executives/ managers who are eager to succeed in the business world, benefit from opportunities existing in the companies they work for or elsewhere, will strengthen their capabilities through this MicroMBA seminar. Best of all, the managers will become better leaders and better decision managers/ leaders.

What this program will do for your organization?

The ultimate beneficiaries from this seminar are the banking, financial and insurance companies themselves. It will provide them; more confident, result oriented and well business and market oriented decision makers/managers. These executives/managers will become more goals oriented. They will help the companies to improve their business competitiveness and business performance results.

Who should attend?

The program is suitable for managers or executives; directors, presidents, vice presidents general managers (from financial sectors – including banking, financial institutions and insurance companies) from all levels of the management.