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Graduate Programmes in English (Master's Degree)

MSc in Management

Level of qualification – Master

Duration of the programme – 2 years

Mode of study – Full-time/part-time intramural/extramural

Why choose this programme?

Whatever your chosen sector or major, the MSc in Management will provide you with the skills you need to become an effective manager.

The aim of the programme

To transfer advanced and specialized knowledge in the field of Management and related sciences, to make students think critically and originally about their usefulness and effectiveness as managers.

To prepare graduates to work as independent entrepreneurs, managers, specialists and consultants, utilizing advanced skills to identify and solve problems in a variety of situations.

To encourage students to think originally about ethical and social issues in business, and apply these principals when looking for solutions to problems.

To prepare students to take on research challenges and PhD studies.


During this programme students will be expected to complete courses in a variety of topics, including: Strategic Management, Process Management, Economic Forecasting, Business Law, Psychology in Management, Negotiations, Project Management, Management Information Systems, International Business Environment and Logistics.

Programme majors

Having completed the basic course, you can profile your competence adequately to your needs. Depending on your chosen major you will acquire skills preparing you to find a job in many fields as a manager or management consultant.

What knowledge and skills will students gain?

Complex knowledge of economic sciences, and advanced specialized knowledge in Management and related fields referring to the functioning, development and strategic renewal of organizations and economic systems in the era of ongoing processes of international integration, globalization, demographic and environmental threats.

Ability to think abstractly and critically, to identify, describe, analyse and interpret complex processes and problems of businesses and its environment with the use of advanced theoretical approaches and research paradigms.

Ability to integrate knowledge from different disciplines in order to make overall diagnosis of situations and create innovative problem solutions at work and beyond.

Being able to actively participate in international cooperation projects and to understand cultural differences.

Ability to resolve social conflicts, mediate and persuade others to cooperate in order to achieve common aims.

Ability to learn, enabling you to study, complete project and research on your own with the use of various information sources.

Awareness of responsibility for making decisions at work and beyond.

Job opportunities

The MSc in Management will prepare you to become an effective manager in whatever field or specialisation you choose from Banking and Business to local government institutions.