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Undergraduate Programmes in English (Bachelor's Degree)


The aim of the Course

The aim of the course is to give students specialized knowledge and skills necessary to function in an English-speaking business environment as well as to prepare teachers and lectors of English conducting classes of Business English.

The course is focused on getting to know the terminology and phraseology of business language, understanding the basics of business, obtaining business skills , comprehension and analysis of specialized texts, as well as mastering the principles, forms and styles of various writings adviced for the needs of companies. Monographic lectures expand the special terminology of a student as well as his knowledge on the basics of management, finance, marketing and law. 

Recipients of the Course

People with a good knowledge of General English (minimum B2), who want to gain the Business English language qualification, including:

• people interested in working in the EU, GB and USA

• those who are planning to start working in companies demanding the knowledge of Business English 

Graduate competencies

A graduate possesses a basic competence related to the implemented field of study, and also 

• knows and understands English business terminology - knows how to use it fluently in everyday life and work, and how to translate specialized texts, interprete from English to the native language or conversely.

• is able to functionate effectively in an English-speaking business environment, including performing the basic activities associated with running a business individually, such as marketing and sales support, accounting and so forth. 

Subjects to study

• Terminology and Phraseology of Business English

• Business Skills

• Specialized texts analysis, mastery

• English writing (business correspondence)

• Basics of Management, Economy, Marketing and Law 

Practical training and Diploma 

While taking the Course a student is engaged in practical training which is an integral part of the educational proces. The student implements a practical project - this may be a research, analysis and so on - which becomes the subject of the diploma project. 


Students have the opportunity to join the certificate exams Business English for the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry (extra fee approx. 400 zł). 

Employment opportunities
The European University cooperates with recruitment companies offering specialists to companies and institutions inside and outside the country. Many jobs offers are also directed to the students who can work in the industry even before graduation.