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Undergraduate Programmes in English (Bachelor's Degree)

BSc in Informatics

Level of qualification – Bachelor

Duration of the programme – 3.5 years

Mode of study – Full-time/part-time intramural/extramural

Why choose this programme?

With computer skills becoming central to our everyday lives this course will help you open up the world of Information Technology and with it a wide array of exciting career opportunities in every sector imaginable. The course allows for a number of different areas of specialization from Hardware and Software Engineering to Computer Networks and Distributed Systems, so that the BSc in Information Technology programme allows you the flexibility to choose your own career path.

The aim of the programme

To teach students the fundamental principles of hardware, software and system-based technologies.

To give students the ability to apply these principles to a broad range of complex situations and engineer suitable solutions to any given problem or task.

You will learn how to work as part of a team as well as on your own.

You will learn how to manage your time efficiently to meet strict deadlines.


To complete this programme, students are required to complete courses in a variety of topics including: Basics of Mathematical Analysis, Statistics and Physics, Information Technology, Computer Hardware, Computer Programming, Computer Network Technologies, Network Operating Systems, Software Engineering, Data Base Engineering, Computer Graphics and Human-Computer Interaction etc.

Programme major

Having completed the basic course, you can profile your competence adequately to your needs. Depending on your chosen major you will acquire skills preparing you to find a job in networking, application developing, software and data base engineering or IT security that are invaluable for employers.

What knowledge and skills will students gain?

The fundamental principles of computer systems and technologies, ability to apply these principles when solving problems and apply them to engineer solutions to tasks.

A variety of specialized skills essential for networking, software and data base engineering, application and web developing or IT security.

Understanding and knowing how to work as part of a team and the importance of teamwork. Ability to manage your time effectively.

Job opportunities

Students who complete this programme will be well-prepared to undertake a job of Hardware Engineer, Computer Programmer, Systems Analyst, Web Developer, Internet Security Consultant, Network Architect etc.