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Undergraduate Programmes in English (Bachelor's Degree)

BSc in Management

Level of qualification – Bachelor

Duration of the programme – 3 years

Mode of study – Full-time/part-time intramural/extramural

Why choose this programme?

Having chosen this programme students will gain the skills and techniques thanks to which they can become effective managers.

The aim of the programme

To teach students skills related to management sciences and economics, and how businesses function and develop.

To teach students basic specialist knowledge of economics and social and legal functions within an enterprise.

To teach students how to apply these skills to analyse and solve problems within enterprises.

To teach students how to work as part of a team to solve problems.

To teach students how to manage time effectively to meet strict deadlines.


Students of this programme will be expected to complete courses in a variety of topics including: Introduction to Management, Microeconomics, Finance, Organisational Behaviour, HR Management, Project Management, Marketing, Financial Accounting and Corporate Finance.

Programme majors

Having completed the basic course, you can profile your competence adequately to your needs. Depending on your chosen major you will acquire skills preparing you to find a job in many fields as a manager or management consultant.

What knowledge and skills will students gain?

Economic knowledge, including management and sciences related to functioning and development of economic organizations, especially enterprises in their economic, social and legal environments as well as basic specialist knowledge.

Ability to critically understand this knowledge and apply it to describe and analyse typical problem areas of enterprise operations and its environment.

Being active and able to participate in the decision-making processes, creating and completing complex projects at work and beyond.

Ability to introduce and discuss own conclusions based on theoretical and practical premises.

Being eager to learn and continue studying and having the ability to formulate and solve typical research tasks with the use of modern methods and tools to process information.

Job opportunities

Upon completing this programme students will be ready to work in many fields as a manager or management consultant in a wide range of institutions and organizations, including analytical and specialist companies, non-governmental organizations, research institutions, banks, insurance and financial companies, revenue offices, brokerage firms, investment funds, financial departments of public administration, consulting companies, advertising agencies, promotion and marketing departments, HR departments etc.