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English Language Courses

Those applicants who want to study their future profession in English, but do not feel confident of their language level, have the opportunity to take the English Language Course based on our University.

The Course is a so-called zero semester, which means that the listener of the Course gets the status of a Polish student and all the attendant benefits (like transport benefits, permission to work, etc.) 

Each student of English language course, after passing the exam, receives a certificate of completion which confirms the knowledge of English, and with this certificate he can start studying at our University in English.

At the same time, those applicants who possess a sufficient level of English and are willing to take a university course in English, can confirm their level by the certificates of English Language Courses - partners of EU, or by taking an exam at our University.


Types of courses and prices:

  • Exam (1 day/ 2 hours) - 50€
  • Seven-day course (1 week/ 20 hours*) - 150€
  • One semester course (1 semester/ 300 hours*) - 1 250€
  • One year (two semesters) course (2 semesters/ 600 hours*) - 2 000€

* the number of hours may differ in depend of amount of student in a group