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Undergraduate Programmes in English (Bachelor's Degree)
Our University offers study courses based on today's needs of the European job market.
The subjects studied at tne University respond the modern standarts of business education.
Through all of our activities we're emphasising the necessity of delivering the most actual and essential information to our students.

The distinctive feature of studies in the European University is the unprecedented flexibility of our courses. Three years of training in a bachelor degree respect the three educational modules, such as:

1st year – general higher education, raising up a person with a broad vision of the modern reality. This is achieved by studying subjects like Philosophy, Sociology, Psychology and so on.

2nd year – department education, raising up, in its turn, a person with a certain professional qualification – an IT specialist, a Manager, an Economist, a Philologist and so on. This is achieved by studying subjects addicted to information essential for a competent worker in one of those branches.

3rd year – specialization education, rasing up a specialist in a more narrow field. This goes for specialists in Cloud Business Engineering, Business Administration and Management or Business English.

Our goal is to give a student an opportunity to determine his own specialty as freely and flexibly as possible. Its up to a person to decide, what qualification to get and what to specialize in. This means a student makes up a pick of the second and the third year himself.

By exercising this we achieve another goal – we raise up workers specializing on the boarding fields of knowledge. This is extremely important due to the tendencies of the job market, which needs specialists competent in several directions at the same time. And as the amount of data is continiously growing, so this demand is growing too.

Here is our proposal of Bachelor's Courses compositions