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Publishing House
The University Publishing House is responsible for publishing academic texts, monographs, scientific publications and other didactic materials from members of the University teaching staff, University backed research projects and collaboration with internationally renowned research institutions.

The University publishing house produces many publications each year in both printed and electronic format.

Work from conferences, seminars and conventions, both national and international, organised by the University is also published here and you can find these publications in the University library.

The publishing house is a conduit for showcasing the continued excellence of the University through disseminating knowledge and information gleaned from our on-going commitment to providing you with education to the highest standard

Tytuł: Informatyka dla nieinformatyków
Autor: Isajew, Jerzy G.

Wydano: EWSIE, Warszawa, 2011
Opis fizyczny: 263 s., tabele, wykresy, 24 cm
ISBN: 978-83-927128-0-0





Tytuł: Informatyka dla menedżerów
Autor: Isajew, Jerzy G.

Wydano: Expertus, Warszawa, 2003
Opis fizyczny: 166 s., tabele, wykresy, 24 cm

ISBN: 978-83-927128-0-0





Tytuł: Metody probabilistyczne

Autor: Oleg Tikhonenko, Anna Tikhonenko

Wydano: EWSIE, Warszawa, 2010
Opis fizyczny: 235 s., tabele, wykresy, 24 cm
ISBN: 978-83-927128-2-4