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European University of Information Technology and Economics In Warsaw

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Undergraduate Programmes in Polish
The European University offers  attractive study programmes for students who know Polish.
We carry out admission for the winter and summer semesters, starting in October and March respectively.

If you do not speak Polish, we first invite you to our Polish language courses.

If you prefer studying in English, see the Undergraduate Courses in English.

We offer a wide choice of study programmes in Polish, including:
• Informatics (Bachelor, 3,5 years)
Mobile applications and websites
Computer Networks and Distributed Systems
Software Engineering
Database Engineering
Computer Graphics and DTP
Cloud Engineering in Business

• Management (Bachelor, 3 years)
Business management
Accounting and management of taxes
Marketing, advertising and PR
Logistics (supply chain management)
HR management
Business Administration and Management
Cloud Engineering in Business
• Administration (Bachelor, 3 years)
Public Administration
Local Administration
European Administration
Administration of justice and prosecution
Administration of treasury and customs
Local administration
• Economics (Bachelor, 3 years)
Foreign trade
Accounting and Taxes
Finance and banking
Banking and insurance
Business Administration and Management
• Pedagogy (Bachelor, 3 years)
Pre- and junior school pedagogy
Pre- and junior school pedagogy with Informatics during the second part of education
Pre- and junior school pedagogy with diagnosis and speech therapy
Pre- and junior school pedagogy with teaching a foreigh language
Vocational counselling and career coaching (Tutoring)reign trade
• Philology (Bachelor, 3 years)
English Philology
German Philology
French Philology
Russian Philology
Business English